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Ask the Trainer

QUESTION 1: Submitted by Abby

My dog is a horrible street scavenger and eats garbage and plant matter whenever he gets a chance. How can I train him to stop? HELP!

ANSWER: If your dog is a scavenger, it would help to get him into some nose work classes or give him some “find it” activities around the house to satisfy his instinctual need to “scavenge”.  As for training, I would recommend impulse control training consisting of solid loose leash walking and “leave it.”


QUESTION 2: Submitted by Bellinda

 Where can I train my lab to be a therapy dog for kids in hospitals?

ANSWER: Most hospitals require at least a Canine Good Citizen Certification, which requires your dog to go through a series of behaviors successfully.  Check: for more information.

6 Weeks Away!

It’s time for week 6 of the program, which means we’re already half way there! I hope you’re ready for week 6 of our doggie fitness program courtesy of “Pooch to 5k”. Always remember to start off with a visit to your favorite tree, a few minutes of heeling practice, and a brisk five minute walk to ensure you and your pup are properly warmed up. Once you’ve finished that we’ll jump right into week 6. You’ll be doing this workout three days a week with one day of rest in between each session.

-Jog 8 minutes
-Walk 8 minutes
-Jog 8 minutes
-Warm down with a walk

Afterwards don’t forget to head over to to share your pictures and stories with other owners

7 Weeks to GO!

It’s now 7 weeks to go until this year’s City Dog 5k! We’re already at week 7 of our doggie fitness routine which comes courtesy of “Pooch to 5k”. Always remember to start with a visit to your favorite tree, some practice heeling, and a brisk five minute walk to ensure you and your pup are properly warmed up. With that out of the way let’s get into week 7. You’ll be doing this workout three times a week with one day of rest in between each session.

-Jog 3 minutes
-Walk 2 minutes
-Jog 6 minutes
-Walk 4 minutes
-Jog 3 minutes
-Walk 2 minutes
-Jog 6 minutes
-Warm down with a walk

Visit to share your pictures and experiences from following the program so far

Human Animal Bonds for Life

Human Animal Bonds for Life (HABL), a grassroots 501c3 organization was started in 2015 by yours truly with the mission of:

  1. educating the youth on dog safety
  2. promoting force free ways of communicating with dogs and
  3. eradicating the use of aversive techniques and tools in pet dog training

It all started when I attended a guardian ad litem training in order to volunteer for the Humane Society’s Paws in the Court program.  This program allows children involved in negligence, verbal, emotional and physical abuse to spend time with a dog before he/she testifies in order to ease the child’s stress.

There I learned the tremendous benefit that a dog can offer a child and how many children in our community really could use the interaction of a dog.  I left there inspired to start something wonderful and two years later, in the summer of 2017 we launched our first ever dog training summer camp at Rocco’s Pack Dog Training.

Through the camp,  children (ages 7-12) are afforded the opportunity to teach and learn from rescue dogs. The child serves as an ambassador for the dog’s adoption and for force free communication. Children also walk away with conflict resolution and problem solving skills that serve the child later in life. Rescue dogs leave the program with a solid foundation of household basic obedience training that will enhance the dog’s chances of adoption.

In 2018, we are aiming to offer the program to children in dependent care by raising funds through City Dog 5K, HABL’s signature fundraising event taking place on February 25, 2018.  Read more about this event by clicking here.

If you are a rescue organization or a local shelter interested in collaborating to provide rescue pups for the program, a parent or guardian interested in enrolling a child in the program or child welfare orgainization interested in partnering up, learn more at our website  and contact us via or 786-309-5109.

Dog Training Summer Camp Program for Kids

This is a unique summer camp opportunity that is being offered at Rocco’s Pack Dog Training for a limited two week window of time from July 31st through August 11th (Monday through Friday).

A limit of ten spots are being offered where junior dog trainers ages 9 through 12 will have the opportunity to work hands on with a live dog and learn safety and handling protocols from a professional dog trainer, as well as participate in dog training activities, like tricks, agility and other fun games.

Junior dog trainers will be provided a puppy to work with, however, if they wish to bring their own dog who needs training, an additional fee will apply.

Space is limited.  To save your spot and register click here.