City Dog!  Bootcamp!

City Dog! Dog Fitness Classes!

City Dog!  Bootcamp!
City Dog! Bootcamp!

Designed with exercise and dog fitness in mind this class allows you to incorporate your dog into your fitness routine.

[box] Does your dog need more exercise?[/box]

[box] Do you need more exercise?[/box]

[box] Do you like to spend time with your dog?[/box]

If you answered yes to any of the above, how about some dog fitness classes for the soul, for the body and for the human-animal bond?

Here’s the scoop… before your first bootcamp session, you must have a brief one-on-one.  This way, you and your dog will know what to expect when you come the first time.  Your dog needs some basic obedience.  This is not a puppy class and you must be able to control your dog on leash.  There will be no off-leash play times during dog fitness classes, dogs will not be allowed to socialize.  This is all serious butt-kicking stuff.  Just kidding, but seriously, no off leash!  Classes will start in July-August on Sundays at 8am.  Who’s in?  Fill out the interest form and we’ll go from there.

To sign up for classes:

1) Complete the enrollment form below

2) Make payment (cash, check or credit/debit card) the first day of class

Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start time, so you and your pooch can acclimate to the environment.

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