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Fun, Free, Fitness Group Dog Walk

Fun, Free, Fitness Group Dog Walk

Are you social?  Have you got a social dog?  Could you and your dog use some walking?  Come out and walk with us!

WHEN: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 8:30am

WHERE: Meet at Rocco’s Pack Dog Training – 1780 Sans Souci Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181

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Private Dog Training

Our individual private lessons are specifically tailored to yours and your pups’ needs. Individual private classes are great for those whose schedule varies often, for pups who are not comfortable with other dogs and for dog/handler teams that are working on specific objectives/behaviors.

Group Dog Training Classes

Our group classes are highly interactive. You’ll learn from the instructor, but you’ll also learn from your peers, so your pup will get to socialize, but so will you. Classes are held on a weekly basis for 1 hour.

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We adopted a 10-month old “shepherd mix” from the Miami Dade Shelter in November that had “awesome dog” scribbled all over his paperwork by the shelter staff. We couldn’t help but call him Radar due to his large pointy ears always at attention and always scanning for sounds. He came to us fully house-trained and understanding the sit command quite well.

We are experienced dog owners having owned a Lab who went through his terrible twos until he was four. We successfully turned him into one of the greatest dogs of all time on our own, but nothing from our past experience prepared us for Radar. This new awesome dog had a dark side. Incessant jumping up, nipping at the face and chewing inappropriate things are just a few of the behaviors that were driving us mad.

The worst was what we called “crazy hour.” After his supper, Radar would dig the carpet, whine, growl, and nip to get attention. We tried everything thing we could think of to settle him down with zero success.

Enter Leby.

She set us up with the tools we needed to turn Radar around. We started with more basic obedience: down, leave-it, drop-it, come, and walking on a leash. With Leby’s help we learned about marker (clicker) training, and it wasn’t long before Radar was starting to turn into an obedient dog.

Radar had another big problem. He would go into full attack mode while walking on a leash around other dogs, skateboarders, and bicycles. Again, Leby stepped in to help us down the road to counter conditioning this behavior. We worked for weeks on this a little at a time and ended up the last session with Leby shaking my wife’s hand with her Lab in tow and Radar sitting down looking in another direction.

Hooray Leby! Thanks for all the help. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and Radar is really starting to be the dog we want him to be.

Michael, Karen and Radar