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Fun, Free, Fitness Group Dog Walk

Fun, Free, Fitness Group Dog Walk

Are you social?  Have you got a social dog?  Could you and your dog use some walking?  Come out and walk with us!

WHEN: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 8:30am

WHERE: Meet at Rocco’s Pack Dog Training – 1780 Sans Souci Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181

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Private Dog Training

Our individual private lessons are specifically tailored to yours and your pups’ needs. Individual private classes are great for those whose schedule varies often, for pups who are not comfortable with other dogs and for dog/handler teams that are working on specific objectives/behaviors.

Group Dog Training Classes

Our group classes are highly interactive. You’ll learn from the instructor, but you’ll also learn from your peers, so your pup will get to socialize, but so will you. Classes are held on a weekly basis for 1 hour.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Leby when I started the non-profit program, MVC PUP E, Miami Veterinary Coalition/Community To Prevent (& end) Unwanted Pet Euthanasias. The Behavior Initiative Committee of MVC PUP E reached out to trainers in the community, and Leby not only responded, but also showed up at the very first meeting, to volunteer her time to help develop programs for the pets of Miami Dade that are at risk of being surrendered or euthanized for behavior issues. This was just the tip of my discovering about her philanthropic spirit, and love and regard for pets and their well-being.

As a result of working with Leby during this Positive Reinforcement training program for the veterinary community, I got to see Leby in action as a pet trainer, and got to know her as a person. She is skilled in the training the basics of Positive Reinforcement Pet Training sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, etc., and also knows when to encourage both pet owner and pet beyond these basics to more advanced training. I find Leby to be dependable, trustworthy, honest, professional, reliable, and patient…a breath of fresh air as they say!

Leby volunteered her Saturdays to work with the Veterinary Community, to educate the community about Positive Reinforcement Training, both in the classroom (lecture) and hands-on with personal and rescue pets. Leby worked cooperatively and diligently with with our other volunteer trainers and the Veterinary Community to get several of the dogs, most of which happen to be rescue dogs, Canine Good Citizen Certified, which helped them to be adopted. She was also kind enough to volunteer her time to put together a video of the program, upon my request, her debut as a video editor, and she did an excellent job. She even put it up on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6a-AQhS2ik.

Leby’s dedication to Animal/Pet welfare extends beyond obedience training and her clients with their pets, to unwanted, abandoned, homeless pets. She is passionate about programs to reduce pet overpopulations. The MVC PUP E Program Spay Neuter Initiative Committee also had the pleasure of being a co-sponsor with her company, Rocco’s Pack, in the Great Coconut Grove Bedrace, to raise funds for low cost spay neuter programs in Miami Dade & Homestead and promote Spay Neuter Awareness in the community. Leby spearheaded this project, which was her idea, and worked diligently with all the volunteers, and accomplished the goal of raising funds to support the low cost spay neuter clinics. Through all the ups and downs, Leby kept her cool, even on the very very very hot day of the bed race, where she herself was one of the runners! : ). Another of her great qualities is her commitment to accomplishing her goals, and this expresses in her training as helping her clients & their pets accomplish their training goals.

Leby also worked as a volunteer to promote the passing of the Pets Trust Initiative to provide funding to our local shelter to promote programs and services for the community to reduce unwanted pets, and also reduce and eliminate pet euthanasia as a means for controlling shelter overpopulation. So, Leby very much cares about animal welfare issues, and improving the lives and well-being of animals/pets.

Leby’s general caring and regard for the wellbeing of pets is evident in her training & general interactions with pets. She treats both pets and people with respect, and seeks to make the training fun and rewarding for both! I recommend Leby to my clients to train their pets with confidence that that they are in very good hands!

Dr. Karen Ashby (Veterinarian)