“City Dog” Board and Train

Our “City Dog” Board and Train Program is offered in varying durations and is by far the most comprehensive type of training offered by Rocco’s Pack. All training is force free and includes various private, in-home and in-studio consults with you. Hand signals and verbal cues are used along with verbal and non verbal markers. Board and train programs can benefit all dogs from puppies who are in need of potty training to dogs showing signs of fear, reactivity or aggression.

Potty Training – 3 Weeks

Potty Training Plus Basic Manners – 5 Weeks

Basic Manners – 3 Weeks

Board and Train A La Carte – Duration Varies

Board and Train for Fearful, Reactive or Aggressive Dogs

The board and train potty training is geared for puppies, but can also be useful for adult dogs that are getting a late start. In this program, doggies will be trained using a crate, a clicker and rewards. Chewing, biting and jumping are also addressed as part of this program.

The potty training plus basic manners program offers everything the potty training offers, plus the foundation behaviors: 1) Sit 2) Stay 3) Come 4) Loose leash walking 5) Leave it 6) Drop it 7) Wait 8) Sit for greeting

The basic manners board and train offers foundation behaviors: 1) Sit 2) Stay 3) Come 4) Loose leash walking 5) Leave it 6) Drop it 7) Wait 8) Sit for greeting

The board and train a la carte option is completely customizable and can be for as long or as short as one week. This is a good option for those that are going on vacation and want their pooch to get some training while they’re away or for those wanting a very comprehensive training program that encompasses a good repertoire of behaviors.

This board and train option is geared specifically for those dogs that have special needs. The parameters and specifics of this program are carefully discussed and planned based on the dog’s challenges. Rocco’s Pack does not use aversive protocols when working with these types of dogs. Our aim is to keep your dog cool, calm and collected while counter-conditioning and desensitizing him/her to his specific triggers.

During your dog’s “City Dog” board and train program, he/she will get:

  • Daily Socialization with people and other dogs (when appropriate)
  • 3 to 4 daily training walks
  • Supervised play sessions (when appropriate)
  • 1 hour daily one on one training
  • Lots of love and respect

“What makes our Board and Train Program Unique?”

Our training studio is located in the heart of North Miami. We’ve got countless street side cafes and plenty of local and tourist traffic; which means we have prime opportunities to train, introduce distractions and proof behaviors. Training starts in the studio and ends out in the “city”. There’s no better way to get an obedient “city dog”.

Every dog’s and client’s needs are different, but these are the most common obedience behaviors that are introduced for puppies and adult dogs:

  • Sit
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down
  • Down/Stay
  • Come
  • Loose leash walking
  • Go to Bed (Crate Training)
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Say “Hi”
  • Go to Place

For behavior modification cases, the training is specific to the dog’s challenges and opportunities.

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