Service Contract

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The parties hereto agree to the following:

1. Client agrees to contact Rocco’s Pack Pet Services 3 days prior to departure to confirm their travel plans and to verify the dates of services unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

2. Client agrees to notify Rocco’s Pack Pet Services in the event Client is delayed in returning home. Client further agrees to pay Rocco’s Pack Pet Services for any additional visits required until Client returns home.

3. Client authorizes Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to enter Client’s home to provide the services listed herein, and/or written on any invoice, or as requested by Client in any telephone conversation. Email, or fax transmission. Said services to be performed in accord with the Clients most recent Pet Profile, Client Profie, Home Profile, and/or other documents or notes, paper or electronic, on file with Rocco’s Pack Pet Services.

4. If the pet(s) become ill while under the care of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services, and medical care in needed on the best judgement of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services, Client authorizes Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to transport the pet(s) to Client veterinarian (or one who is available). Client authorizes Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to approve any emergency treatment recommended by said veterinarian when the cost of the treatment is within the limits authorized in a Veterinarian Release Form. Client authorizes Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to take Clients pet(s) to an Emergency Clinic For Animals when the Clients veterinarian is not immediately available. Client further agrees to promptly reimburse Rocco’s Pack Pet Services for any expenses incurred for any medical treatment or emergency care.

5. Client releases Rocco’s Pack Pet Services from all liability related to transportation, treatment or expenses resulting from any emergency or special needs as determined by Rocco’s Pack Pet Services.

6. Rocco’s Pack Pet Services agrees to provide the services stated herein in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, and as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any all claims against Rocco’s Pack Pet Services unless arising from deliberate negligence on the part of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services or their representative(s).

7. Rocco’s Pack Pet Services is not liable for injury to, or loss of, any pets allowed, at the discretion of the Client, access to a doggie door, or allowed outside the Client’s house off lead or unattended. Client’s initial here X _________ to indicate the Client understands this clause and does request their pets to be allowed outside of Client’s
house off-lead, and/or to have access to a doggie door.

8. Client agrees to reimburse Rocco’s Pack Pet Services for the cost of materials necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties; and/or for any emergency expenses incurred resulting there from.

9. Client agrees to pay Rocco’s Pack Pet Services, at the then current hourly rate, currently $10 for trips to purchase necessary supplies, food, and/or to handle emergencies.

10.Client agrees to assume expenses associated with caring for dog in client’s home, such as valet or municipal parking.

11.In the event of incompatibility, personal emergency, illness, injury, or unavailability on the part of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services, Client authorizes Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to arrange for another qualified individual to fulfill the responsibilities set forth in this contract, or, to arrange for alternative care of Client’s pet(s).

12.Client agrees to pay Rocco’s Pack Pet Services the regular pet visit rate, or daily rate, for any additional, necessary or unnecessary, visits made due to client not notifying Rocco’s Pack Pet Services upon their return home.
13.This contract is for the total number of visits, at the total cost, listed in the invoice and shall be extended or renewed upon clients request to provide services in the future. No additional fees, except as noted herein, or on the invoice, shall be levied.

14.The term Rocco’s Pack Pet Services as used herein refers to the officers, owners, principals, employees, and subcontractors of the company known as Rocco’s Pack Pet Services.

15. The term Client as used here in refers to _______________________________.

16.Client understands that their dog must be current on all vaccines and on flea and tick medication.

17. Client agrees to allow Rocco’s Pack Pet Services to photograph their dog for promotional use of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services.

18.Package pricing allows Client to obtain an added discount on services. Client agrees to schedule units within a package accordingly and to use all units contained in a package within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days, the remaining units within a package are forfeited.

Client fully understands the contents of this contract and agrees to the terms and conditions herein. Client further agrees to pay any additional charges due when the services have been completed. In the event any part of this contract shall be determined to be invalid, it shall have no bearing on any other part of this contract. Any exceptions to any part of this contract must be in writing and signed by all parties.

Download our full Service Contract

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